How to use Oat Bran in daily routine

Oat bran is a very versatile grain. By using it more, you can not only get more health benefits but also make your recipes delicious.

 It can be used with a multitude of food items. Because Oat bran can be eaten raw, you can add it to almost any food. Here are some ideas on how you can add it to foods. 

Add it in fruit salads
Carrot or green leaves. The bran goes along well with the salads. Add some vinegar or lemon juice to spice it up even more. 

You can snack it up during office hours. Or even eat it with your lunch. More fiber and protein in the diet will make your active through out the day.


 Burgers can be healthy - if you plan them

Another cool trick is to add bran in the burger. Burger can be a good snack when you re on the move. If you add bran you will have the crunchier taste. So it will soothe your taste buds too!

Break it- into the breakfast Porridge

Oat bran is a breakfast cereal. It can be added raw into porridge. Or you can even cook yourself a Oat bran Porridge. Click here for the recipe

Scoop it up in the Soup

Another way of getting more of Oat Bran in your diet is by adding Oat Bran flour in your soups.It can be added into a wide variety, tomato, potato. You can even add some herbs like ginger to get drooling taste!

Smooth it out into the juice

Another cool way is by adding it into the juice and run the blender. It will make your juice rich with more fiber and protein! It can be added into orange, pineapple and other juices like that of carrot/radish!

Make it more eatable with vegetables

You can add oat bran as topping with most available vegetables. It can blend well with the taste without changing the taste of the mixing veg. You may add ginger and cinnamon to get even better taste.   


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