FAQs - Your questions about Oat Bran

Q. Is oat bran gluten free?
Ans: Yes, it is gluten free. Most people can tolerate Oat Bran.

Q. Is oat bran good for children?
Ans: People of all ages can eat oat bran. Must consult your doctor if your child suffers from any specific medical condition. However, because bran is rich in fiber, it is always a good idea to drink good amount of water to prevent constipation.

Q. Is oat bran good in pregnancy?
Ans: It is fine to eat oat bran during pregnancy.

Q. Is oat bran affordable?
Ans: Depends, it's dirt cheap if you grow it at home! In fact in some countries like Scotland Oat bran is used to feed kettles. It reduces the cost for farmers and keeps the animals healthy.

There is also an urban legend that states that Oat Bran is really good for health.

Q. What brand of oat bran should you buy?
Ans: As long as it is fresh you can buy any brand of bran. However, these days some companies Quaker oats have different flavors. These different flavors have added ingredients like chocolate and sometimes even sugar. So make sure that whatever brand you get it meets your health goals. Never forget to check the label for carbohydrates.

If we have to name a few then Bob's Mill and Quaker Oats are most popular ones.

Q. I have IBS and colon problems. Is Oat Bran safe for me?
Ans: Oat bran has been proved to be safe for most type of people and is in allowed to eat list. It should certainly be safe. In fact due to its high fiber content it might even help in controlling constipation and diarrhea problems.

Q. What's the difference between rolled oats and oat bran?
Ans. Rolled oats are flattened version of oats. They are used in different recipes to be more suit the design. The nutrition is almost the same. However, sometimes it does not include the bran. so it would be advisable to eat Oat Bran over Rolled Oats. Except the case where it clearly mentions that it includes the bran.

Q. Can i substitute Oat Bran for Wheat Bran or Raisin bran?
Ans. It is not advisable to substitute wheat bran if you are celiac (gluten intolerance). Raisin bran however on the other hand cannot be a perfect alternative. Because, raisin tend to have high amount of carbohydrates which may lead to fat gain.

Q. Whats the difference between oat bran and oat flour?
Ans. Flour is is most soft version of bran. It can be used in muffins and other cake recipes.

Q. Is oatmeal the same as oat bran?
Ans. NO! Oat meal is made up of Oats which are a stripped version without the bran. The bran has got the fiber and other nutrients which make them a lot more healthy!

Q. Oat bran = Quaker oatmeal?
Ans. No. They are different things. Read the previous question's answer again.

Q. Can you eat oat bran raw?
Ans. Yes you can use it raw by including it in different recipes and foods. You can even sprinkle it in soups.

Q. How is Oat Bran and Dukan diet related?
Ans. Dukan diet is a book written by Dr Pierre Dukan from France. It advocates the benefits of Oat Bran. It made Oat bran more popular then what it previously was.


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